2016-02-03 : 3425 EMDB map entries, 1015 PDB coordinate entries PDBe | RCSB    

One-stop shop for 3DEM deposition and retrieval


Deposit EM maps, models

New (Jan 2016): wwPDB Deposition & Annotation System: Deposit 3DEM maps to EMDB; jointly deposit 3DEM maps and models to EMDB/PDB.

You can continue to deposit 3DEM map reconstructions to EMDB using EMDEP with subsequent fitted coordinate deposition to PDB using ADIT (RCSB PDB) or AUTODEP (PDBe). These legacy systems will be available for at least the first half of 2016.

Curation: After your deposition, you will be contacted by the annotator assigned to your entry or entries. EM depositions to EMDB and PDB are curated by annotation staff located at PDBe, RCSB-PDB, and PDBj.

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Raw Image Deposition: Raw images related to an EMDB entry (micrographs, particles, tilt-series) can be deposited to the Electron Microscopy Pilot Image ARchive (EMPIAR).