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Deposit EM maps

Deposit 3D EM map reconstructions to the EM Data Bank:

Map + Fitted Model Deposition: If you have a fitted coordinate model, deposit the map to the EMDB first (links above). When you complete your map entry, a link will appear in your EMDEP session to deposit coordinates to the PDB using ADIT (RCSB PDB) or AUTODEP (PDBe). The fitted coordinates should be supplied in the same coordinate frame as the map.

Symmetry: If the structure has regular point or helical symmetry, the coordinates for one asymmetric unit should be deposited to the PDB along with a set of matrices to build the assembly. For more information about matrix representation please see our related news item.

Curation:  After your map or map+model deposition, you will be contacted by the annotator assigned to your entry or entries.  EM depositions to EMDB and PDB are curated by annotation staff located at PDBeRCSB-PDB, and PDBj.

Additional Links:

Raw Image Deposition: Raw images related to an EMDB entry (micrographs, particles, tilt-series) can be deposited to the Electron Microscopy Pilot Image ARchive (EMPIAR).