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3DEM Dictionaries

Current Dictionaries and File Formats

These dictionaries and formats are currently used for deposition and archiving of 3DEM maps and models.

Development Dictionaries for the wwPDB Deposition and Annotation System

EMDataBank partners PDBe and RCSB are in the process of developing 3DEM joint map + model deposition capability within new Worldwide Protein Data Bank (wwPDB) deposition and annotation (D&A) system.  The D&A system is expected to become available for 3DEM depositions in late 2015. The aim of the D&A system is to facilitate the process of deposition of biomacromolecular structure data by all major experimental methods, including hybrid methods, and to provide tools for validation. The underlying data model used to describe EM experiments in the new system has been expanded to capture the important aspects of the various EM methodologies and new developments in this rapidly evolving field.  The updated data model is implemented in both mmCIF and xml.