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3DEM Validation Pipeline

A major goal of the EMDataBank project is to work with the 3DEM community to (1) establish data-validation methods that can be used in the process of structure determination, (2) define the key indicators of a well-determined structure that should accompany every deposition, and (3) implement appropriate validation procedures for maps and map-derived models into a 3DEM validation pipeline. The EM Validation Task Force (EM VTF) has made initial recommendations to guide development of 3DEM validation criteria. Our aim is to facilitate the many processes needed to assess, establish, and disseminate validation methods and standards.

This schematic view shows the major focus areas for 3DEM validation pipeline development:


3DEM Validation Task Force

The Electron Microscopy Validation Task Force (EM VTF) met on September 28-29, 2010 at Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ. Twenty highly regarded EM scientists from around the world assembled to consider possible validation standards for 3D maps and models produced by electron microscopy reconstruction methods. The workshop was co-chaired by Richard Henderson (MRC, Cambridge) for map validation and Andrej Sali (UCSF) for model validation. The EM VTF's initial recommendations are published here: Henderson et al (2012), Structure 20, 205-214.